Wednesday, 22 March 2017

How to make an Exploding Box!

Hi folks, I'm excited to share with you a little video of my exploding box - the first I've ever made - and I confess to being really pleased with it!  I'd not come across exploding boxes until I saw a post on a Facebook forum - so I headed over to YouTube to see what I could find.  

As you might expect, there are all sorts of crafters who make these boxes from all over the world, with some amazing ideas about decorations - from the sublime to the totally over the top!  I liked this tutorial for the basic box from Lisa of - the basic box took me no more than about 20 minutes to make.  I used 12x12 cardstock, with a lovely contrasting sheet for the box lid.

Tip - don't throw away the off cuts - they come in handy later!

Then came deciding what decorations to do - this will be a gift for my lovely daughter-in-law's birthday, so I needed something that is pretty but classy and not overblown - less is more!  Two things helped my focus 

1  She likes nice cards to write little notes, thank you notes etc
2  She loves luscious smelling candles

Using an envelope as a template I created little pockets which I stuck, using sticky glue - sets quickly but gives you enough time to position decorations - to the inner side of each flap - 12 pockets in all, using contrasting paper.  For the last layer on the inside, I used the off cuts of the box lid to make pockets.

Next step - make the cards and envelopes.  The cards are super simple to make:

** Cut white (or any colour of your choice) card stock 6 inches x 3 inches, and score on the long side at 3 inches.  If you don't have a scoring board, simply fold the card in half making sure that the edges all line up exactly, and press the fold down firmly.  

**To decorate, I cut little squares of patterned paper that I found in a crafting magazine, cut to about 2 7/8 inches square.  I rounded the corners with a neat little piece of kit that snips the corners for you - very cool!  I also rounded the corners of the cards themselves for a good finish.  

Of course, you don't have to do that - I just like the look of it.

Making the envelopes comes next - again, not difficult and you don't need a template - just follow this YouTube link 

Next step - I decided to use the printed paper off cuts stuck to white card off cuts to make gift labels - I have a couple of label punches which are brilliant for this and you can make them using a ruler and scissors, of course.  

To make them more interesting and substantial, I used contrasting labels for each little set, using the off cuts from the main box.  So, each green tag had a cream and a black one placed under it and tied with some narrow cream satin ribbon.

The decorations are very much a matter of personal taste.  To start off, I used the larger off cuts from the main box to create smaller squares that I glued to the panels as contrasts.  Then I used paper craft flower shapes that I brushed with green ink and then curled the petals to make the flower shape and stuck them on.

And finally to the centre box.  I used black and cream A4 cardstock for this and created a bottom box to fit the centre square - I planned a 3x3x3 inch cube but found the card wasn't quite long enough, so I made the sides 2 3/4 inches.  

I made the lid out of cream card - making the top 3 1/8 inch square and the sides 2 1/2 inches all round.  I stuck the black base to the central square in the main box securely - lots of sticky glue all over and then left to dry.  The lid I decorated with some black chiffon ribbon that I found in my ribbon stash, for that classy finish.

I bought a votive candle in a pretty ceramic pot that my daughter-in-law will be able to use again - as you will see from the video, it fits nicely in that centre box.

I hope you enjoy the video - and have fun making your own!


If you would like me to make one for you, do get in touch through my Etsy shop:

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