Thursday, 12 January 2017

My Funny Valentine

Love shouldn't always be a serious business - fun and laughter should also be a part.

So, here is a great selection of funny and sweet gifts for that special person (male or female!), all from UK Etsy sellers

In our last blog, we featured handmade cards - here are a couple of ideas for crafty folk

Valentine's Day is for lovers - but there are lovers who are alone now and need hugs....

Gra of Crossstitchtheline created this lovely design - don't we all need hugs?!  

Heather of HeatherEllisArt's cute stamp fits this idea too - I love the tender words!

and who doesn't love a bunny to cheer us up on a grey rainy day? She's called Peaches (aaaah) from Peculiaris

and for funny valentines....

I'm a big Star Wars fan and I love this mug from TattooMugLady - how cool is this!

and with no apologies, I'm back to the romantic....

Kelly of FuNkTjUnK makes 
this fab confetti - great for 
scattering on the table at 
your intimate dinner for two...

 and when you are there, sipping the wine and gazing into each other's eyes,  you slip out a little gift....

Darling, you have the keys to my heart...
(with love from LittleConkers!)

I'll love you till infinity and beyond
(from Alludio)

The Happy Couple (and that's just the cats!)
from CarlBatterBee

Here are the links to these fab Etsy sellers

and a few lovelies available at DunnCrafting....


  1. Love-ly collection of gift ideas :) Thanks for including me!

  2. Great collection of gifts ~ Thanx Sue :)