Thursday, 26 May 2016

A baker's reply to 'Why do we create?'

Introducing Debra of The Divine Peach (click here)

Like so many crafters that I have come to know, Debra is a woman of great talents and versatility!  

'I've been baking and decorating cakes since I was a teenager.  I have four kids so over the years made a lot of birthday cakes!  I also made wedding cakes for my sister and friends and next month I'm making my eldest son's wedding cake. 

The hardest part is not the hours a cake takes from start to finish, but sometimes having to turn down cakes because of my 'day job'!

Finding good but affordable equipment has always been difficult and still can be, even now with the internet, so when I found a supplier that was cheap enough for me to sell at a reasonable price while making a small profit - my Etsy shop was born!  

Debra trained as a beauty therapist twelve years ago and worked in a salon for over six years; she has since been mobile for five and a half years.  

Last year, she graduated with a BA(Hons) in Humanities (Art History and Classical Studies) through the Open University - a fantastic seven year commitment while working.  As an OU graduate myself, I completely understand the dedication and time management needed to achieve this and Debra should be applauded!  

Robert Hook building at Open University Campus Milton Keynes

I've always loved making things, knitting and sewing etc, not only cakes - so now I'm venturing into a new project of making flower crowns, after making one for my soon-to-be daughter-in-law to wear on her upcoming hen night!

(This picture is an intriguing hint of what lovely things are to come....)

Why do I create?  

I try to create beautiful cakes that will make the recipient smile and, by selling tools via Etsy, I hope I'm helping others make something that will put a smile on people's faces.  My new venture into making flower crowns has been wonderful and I've loved getting hands-on with something unrelated to cake and gardening!  I'm hoping the flower crowns I make will make people smile as much as my cakes do!

Debra with her gorgeous hubby!

How beautiful is this!

Product photos have been drawn from Debra's shop with her permission

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The photo of the Robert Hook Building is by Chmee2 (from WikiCommons images)

Photo by Chmee2 via WikiComons


  1. Very useful shop you have going and it looks like the new one is going to be gorgeous! Good luck!

  2. Lovely Article to match a lovely shop. Keep up the great crafting!!!

  3. Awesome flower crowns Debra - can't wait to see them in your shop - enjoy your Son's Wedding next Month :))

  4. Lovely shop, Debra. Those molds are so fun.