Sunday, 24 April 2016

Sunshine and flowers

A custom order request popped into our inbox last week - could I make a pomander like our daisy pomander but using yellow gerberas?  The lady is getting married in July and is looking for something for her little girl (who will be one year old) to hold.

A search found yellow and orange mini gerberas - customer liked the photo so step one - ordering the flowers - was done.

Piece of cake, I thought.  Nice little project for the week doing my favourite thing - making pomanders with silk flowers.

And then the flowers were delivered.

They were certainly yellow  and orange - but neon yellow; glow in the dark yellow.

I mulled over what to do (this is the 'science' part).  I remember when I was a little girl, my school uniform required beige socks.  My mother had already bought white cotton socks and being a thrifty, sensible woman, she decided to soak my white socks in strong tea.  They dutifully turned beige (nothing and nobody disobeyed my mother!) 

So here was Step Two
(love experimenting)

Results - meh - colour was no longer neon but dingy.
Back to the mulling over......

Step Three.... break out the yellow poster paint ....

Nearly 100 individual flowers later .....

Step Four ...... completion

This sunny beauty is on its way to its new home ......

Ta Da

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