Monday, 11 April 2016

Practical Presents! Part 1

I was browsing through Colemans Warehouse - an amazing Aladdin's cave of crafty stuff with something for every sort of crafter and project.  Over the weekend it's crowded with women of all ages - and husbands wandering aimlessly about, looking bored.  My mother would quote: 'That which cannot be cured must, with patience, be endured.' - and the menfolk in Colemans are the embodiment of this!

Anyway, I came across this great cardstock and couldn't resist it -

- and the wonderful Sam Hammond ( had posted a video for a 3 x 3 box for mini cards, and so a project was born!
YouTube is a great place to find crafty tutorials on all sorts of topics and I found a couple on making mini cards and the envelopes to fit - super easy and great for using up bits of card and paper instead of throwing them away.  
I found a great couple of clear stamps at HobbyCraft that were really inexpensive (some of them can be a bit eye-watering cost wise for a newby like me!) that said 'Just Because...' and 'Just for you' - perfect for those random moments when you want to say 'thank you' or 'I think you're great' or whatever....

And this is what I came up with -

For any of the fab teachers and teaching assistants who do so much for our children....

Love it!

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