Thursday, 15 December 2016

Spring Weddings

The Pantone colours for spring 2017 are quite a mix - from soft pastel shades to the more vibrant deep colours - this palette is taken from their website

Whatever happened to the (stereotypical?) romantic white wedding? At DunnCrafting we have available some really lovely pomanders and bouquets, with favours to match, in a range of pastels including grey and cream, pink and blue - and our most recent additions are buttonholes and matching bridesmaid pomander in delicate white rosebuds - with a hint of pale blue.

The buttonholes have little forgetmenot flowers - don't you love the symbolism? - and are finished with a dainty collar of bridal lace

And to come?  adding to our buttonhole range, white or cream roses with dainty silver baby's breath flowers and lace; or how about silver grey rosebuds with tiny white flowers and the stems wrapped in dusky pink; or pale peachy pink rosebuds and soft dove grey satin ribbon wrapping the stems ......
I'm so looking forward to making these!  (I might even attempt a little video again!)

In the meantime, here are some of the favours we have on offer.....

Do come and pay us a visit - we love custom orders so contact us and let us know how we can help

Here are the links to our wedding sections:

Wedding accessories - including flowergirl and bridesmaid gifts

Wedding bouquets

Wedding kissing balls

Wedding pomanders

Wedding favours

Wedding buttonholes

Monday, 28 November 2016

Christmas Tree decorations

I've always thought of the Christmas tree as being the focus of all festive decorations in the home - and when my kids were growing up, everything was flung on, regardless of colour schemes, or quality (I had to be strong and chuck out decorations that really had seen better days!)

Fashion trends can influence tree decorations - from pink and silver trees to black and white upside down trees (which, frankly, I think are a bit weird!  Each to his/her own.....)

I'm delighted to be able to show you some lovely decorations made by UK Sellers - and a few of our own too!

Kelly of has some fun decorations made with pencils (the gift that keeps on giving! - how many of us scrabble about looking for pencils to score games at Christmas!)

She also has recently added some stunning rustic decorations, that will fit with any colour scheme (or none!)  The collage shows a few and she also has other colours - deep purple, burgundy red and silver, blue and white .....


Gra of is a talented designer of cross stitch patterns - and these are lovely!  She says:  'They can be embroidered in high count fabric and framed in small hoops or maybe using plastic canvas to hang from the tree.'

Click HERE for the link for these lovelies in her shop 

A quick search through Hobbycraft or Coleman's Warehouse - or any other crafting suppliers - should help you find the little hoops or canvases you would like to use - a great way of making your tree really personal!

And for a bit of fun - with a little gift at the end - Naama of has a couple of really cute keyrings with a festive theme 

At DunnCrafting, we have a variety of Christmas tree baubles available - here is a selection for a more traditional tree in gorgeous golds, red and silver

Come and browse through these great shops - and make your Christmas tree unique with handmade decorations!

Happy Shopping!  

Monday, 21 November 2016

Christmas Shopping for the Family

There are three generations in this lovely picture of my family!  So this is the theme (more or less) for this blog post - baby's first Christmas, children, couples - how about newly-weds' first Christmas?

My dad, sadly, is no longer with us - but I would love to have given him this little treat from Kelly at FuNkTjUnK

and how about this for parents who say 'we don't need anything, dear'?

Gra of has some great ideas for family gifts - I love this one for a child's bedroom - or even for a new baby's nursery.  So cute and cheerful!

How about these for loving couples - or from wifey to hubby?

At DunnCrafting, we have gifts for baby and nursery, the home and loving couples - and in our Wedding accessories section, some really pretty little baubles (with presentation boxes) that can be stocking fillers, or little gifts from kids to aunties and grandmas.... 

Have fun browsing through these great shops!

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Christmas Shopping - Home Decor

I love decorating the house for Christmas!  The kids used to make paper chains, and when they were at home, every room was decorated - except the bathrooms.  It was all gloriously over the top!  Now they have their own families so decorating is much more elegant and confined to the living areas - but I still have decorations that my folks used when I was a child (minus most of their silvering and glitter!) I do like to have a colour theme but haven't quite moved to the ultra trendy pink trees or the black and white upside down trees!  Red, gold and green do it for me - and sometimes blue and silver.

With that in mind, many of our decorations at are in traditional colours

Gra Gacek of Crossstitchtheline (based in London) has some gorgeous cross-stitch designs that would add a unique touch to rustic decor at  Christmas time.

And for something merry how about this from Kelly from Nuneaton at
 (dancing should be the norm at Christmas!)
Naama at (another Londoner) 
has this really cute tree decoration 
- that can also be a little stocking filler! 

And finally - a little montage of decorating ideas from these fantastic Etsy sellers - pop over and browse!

Happy Shopping!

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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Christmas - shopping for HER!

I know, I know - we've only just had Halloween!  The trees are looking just gorgeous in their brilliant autumn colours - and kids are having fun kicking piles of fallen leaves

Still ...... the Christmas rush starts really quickly from now on (Harrods have turned on their Christmas lights!) - and some people are really tricky to buy for!  

Gra Gacek of is based in London and creates the most amazing cross stitch designs which are perfect for the crafty minded lady!  She has on offer two sets of festive designs, with a huge choice of options!  The link is here
.....  to tempt you, here are some pictures of her work:

What about the lady who likes jewellery - with a bit of a difference?

Breeshea Robinson of has all sorts of  brilliant and sometimes quirky items to suit all sorts of tastes.  She hails from Dover, and here is a link to a stunning example of her work:

and a couple of pictures of other treats for a lady ..... 

And for the girly girl, Amanda of in Birmingham has some really pretty gifts.  I love her unicorn Christmas card ....

and these accessories are really sweet for little girls .....


Last but not least, something for the lady who loves festive decor - from us at

Happy shopping!

Wednesday, 22 June 2016


Something I've learnt since we opened our Etsy shop is that what we think is stunning may not be terrific from a buyer's point of view!  We may invest time, energy, and love into our little creations but if they don't appeal they don't sell.  
Self evident?  Well yes... but how do you tell a mother hen that her chicks are less than perfect!

So.... deep breath..... these button baubles were not doing anything.... 

from a buyer's point of view they were just a tad ... well... boring .... 

So the only answer was to do a bit of jazzing up, add some glittery bits, add in a pretty gift box and .....

  Ta Da!

Reinvented as flowergirl or bridesmaid gifts - that could also be little gifts for Christmas

Now let's see what happens!

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