Friday, 12 September 2014

Taking photos for Etsy or Facebook

Using a smartphone or my iPad for photos, to upload to our little shop, Dunn Crafting, on is fine - the picture quality is not bad, but the biggest issue is positioning and lighting.  The low energy bulbs we all have to use these days give a yellowish tinge to any photo that doesn't really do the item justice.  I've photo-ed baby bunting in my bedroom which has large picture windows and lots of natural light - that's good but sitting on the floor trying to capture that perfect shot of bunting strung across my cupboard doors is less than ideal!  Too much wobble and cats interfering!

Enter the Lightcase!

This ingenious piece of kit is, very simply, a box made of translucent plastic with a hole in the top through which you can take photos with your smartphone.

The results are brilliant - in every sense of the word!  Have a look at the difference.....

After, using the lightcase

The colours are brighter, sharper, more vibrant .....

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