Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Goody bags for weddings

The youngest daughter of a good friend of mine is getting married in a fortnight.  Among the myriad of arrangements attached to a DIY wedding is how to keep children, aged 1 - 9, entertained and, particularly, quiet in church.  Answer?  Pew bags.  Never heard of them?  Neither had I until my friend asked me to make some!  Simply, they are cloth bags, drawstring or with handles, filled with goodies to keep youngsters quiet and happy.  Pinterest has all sorts of pins - busy bags, quiet bags, activity bags, ISpy bags - all filled with ingenious ideas.  For a wedding, the beauty of these bags is that the children can take them away, and they can be used again and again to keep treasures and other cool stuff.  Brilliant idea!

 My friend supplied the material - her main choices were children's curtain material with a really cute animal design for the little ones, and a lovely lilac tree design for the older kids.  We didn't have quite enough so she got some extra material - good quality cotton with owls - not a match, but what does that matter?  Her daughter's wedding colours are lavender so even though the fabric colours didn't quite match, lavender ribbon gives the right touch to link it all together.

The bags are really quick and easy to make, with the seams overlocked to allow for fraying - the curtain material is linen.