Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Commissions and orders

Such excitement last weekend, when we received our first order from Texas - Karen's lovely minimalistic wreath.

We are learning all the time with postage and packing - boxes are heavy!

Next, a colleague commissioned a button-heart for her bathroom, in browns, beiges and creams. Mmm - I was a bit concerned that it would look dull and wondered how I could lift the colours.
None of the brown buttons I had were terribly exciting, so I ordered two different selections (ebay and Amazon are great sources!  no surprise there)  and meanwhile experimented with wrapping the heart form, first in cream ribbon (didn't have quite enough) and then chocolate brown (still not quite enough... Frustration beginning to build!) then in both cream and chocolate .... Too 'busy'.  Final decision - wrap the heart form in white lace and use the chocolate and cream ribbons to hang the heart with.  I twisted them and secured them with glue and a button. Sorted.

The buttons duly arrived and I laid them out on my dining room table and got to work.  Using gold star sequins to help secure and stabilise buttons with large holes, blending pearly white and cream buttons with the browns, and filling spaces with white pearl beads - and at last I was happy with the results.

I'm happy to report that my colleague is also happy and sent me a picture of where the heart is hanging - in her bathroom, alongside other heart shapes.  It glows!


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